A Closer Look At Dummy Cameras Versus Hidden Cameras

September 27th, 2019

When you begin designing a security system, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by just how many options you have available to you. Many Akron homes and businesses don’t realize just how customizable a security system really is. 

One of the decisions that you may need to make is whether or not your system should include dummy cameras or hidden cameras. Each offers advantages and drawbacks, and taking a closer look at your specific situation, your goals, and your budget can all have a big impact on which of the options you ultimately decide to implement into your system – or both, if need be. 

Dummy Cameras

Dummy cameras are just what they sound like – fake cameras that look just like the real thing but that don’t actually capture any footage. They do have a couple of benefits, including the following:

  • Burglars will see the dummy cameras and assume they’re real, which will in turn reduce the odds of them committing a crime. It can deter crimes just by being visible.
  • The cost of dummy cameras is incredibly low compared to real, working cameras. Of course, you get none of the functionality but for those on a budget they can certainly help lower costs.

The big drawback is obvious – dummy cameras don’t film anything or capture any video at all. And some experienced criminals can actually tell that a camera is fake just by looking, which means that not all will be deterred. Still, they can be integrated into a Akron security system and provide very real results. 

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are the exact opposite of dummy cameras – while dummy cameras are designed to be seen and prevent crimes, hidden cameras are supposed to not be noticed and capture criminals while they’re in the act of committing a crime.

Hidden camera offer several unique benefits include:

  • Much more likely to capture perpetrators and gather evidence.
  • More likely that you will retrieve your stolen property.
  • Can identify problems with dishonest employees.
  • Offer a variety of features ranging from motion activation to remote monitoring and more.

Of course, all the benefits of hidden cameras come with a larger price than dummy cameras. And since they won’t reduce or stop crime outright due to their hidden nature, they are often used as one element in a larger overall system – just like dummy cameras. Blended with traditional security cameras, these two types of cameras can provide very real solutions to properties in Akron.

Getting The Best Results

Every Akron property is unique, and will have its own unique needs. That’s why talking to a professional about your security system is vital. They can review your property, consider your goals and budget, and then develop a system that fits your exact situation.

Whether it’s dummy cameras, hidden cameras, traditional cameras, or a combination of them, our team can help you design the perfect system and get the best results. Contact us at Sample Security today to get your initial consultation and see what we can do for you.