Home Security for the Summer Months

August 28th, 2019

Summer is the time for vacations and outdoor fun and adventure. It is also the time of the year that many families find themselves away from home much more often than usual. With that being said, summer is also the time to consider potential threats to your home security. 

You want to enjoy the summer out of the home without also having to worry about if everything is as secure and as protected as it should be.

Below, we have a few home security tips for the summer months that you should remember:

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Summer is fun, but it is also pretty hot. For this reason, many Akron homeowners find themselves opening their doors and windows for some relief from the heat indoors. While enjoying that breeze, however, we may also forget that those doors and windows need to be shut again if we decide to leave.

Always remember to close your doors and windows before you leave home. It is better to come home to a warm house rather than a home that was just turned upside down by a burglar who gained easy access.

Clean Up Your Yard

During the summer, we also tend to leave things out in the yard that we use more often during these warmer months. The kids' bikes, the lawn equipment, scooters, grills, and other valuables are left out in the open. When we do this, we are leaving ourselves vulnerable to theft.

To avoid this, make sure everything of value is stored in secure areas like a shed or the garage when it is not in use. It should also be put away when you leave the home and overnight as well.

Secure the Garage

The garage is also an entry point that we often forget to lock up and secure. With all the yardwork we do and playing that the kids do, it is easy to forget something as simple as closing the garage door. Sometimes we even leave it open just because we get tired of having to open and shut it so often.

When the garage is left unsecured, it is open for theft. Anyone can go in there and take your lawn equipment, tools, kid's toys, bikes, and everything else of value that you have stored in there. 

Going on Vacation?

Finally, if you plan on going on a vacation and you will be away from your Akron home for a while. You should have someone you trust to pick up your mail and newspapers, have someone maintain and care for the yard while you are gone, and make sure everything is locked up tight. You also want to refrain from posting your whereabouts on social media because this is a good tip for anyone who was looking for an opportunity to steal from you.

Doing all these things is a good way to make the home look like it is occupied, which is a good deterrent for criminals. You can even have your lights set on a timer and schedule them to turn on and off at different times to make it appear as if you are home.

Invest in a Home Security System

Investing in a Akron home security system is always a good step to take, as well. If you are interested in how a security system can provide you with an even better level of protection for the home, contact Sample Security today to discuss your options.