A Solid Surveillance System Can Enhance Your Bottom Line

June 28th, 2019

It’s easy for business owners in Akron, OH to think of a security system as nothing more than a necessary expense, a calculated cost that will hopefully stop bigger costs like burglary, vandalism, or shoplifting.  However, there are ways you can use security cameras to reduce consistent losses or even discover ways to make a bigger profit.  With the right placement, a high enough resolution, and the time to play back your footage, you can discover all kinds of ways to boost net profits.

Reduce Employee Theft

Shoplifting and shrinkage are worries any store owner has to live with, but employees steal more from their employers than any amount of shoplifting ever could.  This is because employers give their workers more trust than they give their guests, and so employees have more opportunities to steal and get away with it.  Employees can also steal from their jobs in ways that outsiders can’t, like through fraud and embezzlement.  While you can’t catch fraud with security cameras, they can make sure employees don’t steal from the till or pocket office supplies.

Monitor Employee Activities

Some employees give their jobs all the attention and focus they deserve.  Others tend to look for quiet spots where their supervisor won’t find them and they can ignore their responsibilities for a while.  In a strict sense, this is a kind of employee theft since they’re taking your wages without doing anything to earn them.  By setting cameras to watch employee stations, you can see which ones are on task and which ones are wasting both their time and yours.

Avoid Expensive Lawsuits

If a person has a serious problem with one of your employees or if they have an accident on your property, there’s a good chance they’ll sue you for compensation.  Sometimes they have a strong case and sometimes they just want some easy money, but either way you can clear things up quickly if you have camera footage of the event that started everything.  Even if it turns out your company is at fault, you’ll be able to reach a settlement quickly without having to pay extra months or even years of legal fees.

Track Customer Behavior

If you run a store, you can keep track of what’s popular by adding up sales figures and inventory numbers.  However, camera footage can give you a more complete understanding of customer behavior by showing you where customers go, what they look at, what they’re interested in but don’t buy, and more.  You can then move things around to see what changes and keep adjusting until you have the perfect layout for Akron, OH customers.

Here at Sample Security, we help the businesses and homeowners of Akron, OH install and upgrade their security setup to protect their property and improve their profits.  A good set of cameras is part of that, and with the right placement they can do a lot more than watch for thieves.  Contact us today and we’ll work with you to come up with the best security solution for your property.