Analog CCTV And AHD Technology

April 12th, 2019

For a great number of years, Akron, OH businesses have used analog cameras primarily to take care of their security camera needs. For a long time, these small dome or bullet cameras were considered the best the market could offer, and therefore became the standard across a variety of industries. However, modern security technology has placed a new top contender in its place, and this is AHD, or Analog High Definition.

These PC based DVR systems of yesteryear would include a 16 channel DVR system that would cost businesses upwards of $5,000, and Akron, OH business owners paid it. They knew that even with partial images and blurry footage, it was the best the mid-aughts had to offer when it came to security. DVRs back then could not process high resolution video in real time, and a great deal of evidence was left blurry and questionable. Hard drives back in this day were also comparably tiny to what we have on the market today, with sizes between 250 and 500 GB compared to today’s 2TB to 4TB hard drives. What does this mean? Subpar footage was stored in much smaller amounts than the types of footage that can be stored today.

During the mid-aughts, progression was happening in security technology, but many thought it was far too expensive for what was really being offered. Customers were overall unhappy, and this lead to a great deal of change.

The AHD Security System Revolution

As televisions began to really improve in their resolution and clarity, many Akron, OH business owners were wondering why these same technologies were not applied to security. The CCTV industry finally listened to the consumer, and AHD was born. With incredible clarity of 720p definition, we’re in an entirely new world than we were just a decade ago.

AHD security systems come with a bevy of benefits, some of which include:

  • You don’t need to change your cabling infrastructure – One of the largest costs to Akron, OH businesses is the infrastructure involved with installing a CCTV security camera system. The beauty of AHD technology is that it uses the same wiring as your analog system, and your old cabling infrastructure will not need to be modified, reinstalled, or changed.
  • You don’t need to replace all at once – For area small to medium sized businesses, replacing all cameras at once may seem like a financially intimidating endeavor. AHD DVR can be installed first, and business owners can replace their cameras piece by piece later on.
  • More affordable – The prices of AHD systems compared to analog systems are comparable, so you’re getting a much better product for a much greater value.

Better Security For The Future

AHD systems have solved all of the existing problems typically found in analog systems, and for a price point that is just about the same as the old dinosaurs of yesterday. With a new AHD system, one can experience usable footage and a smooth installation that won’t break a business budget.