Your Surveillance System Should Be Easy To Use

June 25th, 2019

Surveillance is a tool, and as a tool it’s only effective if the user knows how it works.  Even if your security cameras can do fancy things like move, zoom, or switch between visible light and low-light modes, it won’t matter if the person operating the camera doesn’t know it has these functions.  Your recording setup might also come with powerful playback tools that can record faces, identify letters and numbers, copy important highlights into separate videos, and so on, but none of these features will help if your security staff doesn’t know how to use them.

Training Is Essential

It can be easy to blame your security staff for not understanding how to make the most of your surveillance system, but some of that blame may lie with you.  Businesses in Akron, OH don’t always offer training time to let security personnel understand the cameras they’ll use, and they won’t use an advanced feature if they don’t know it’s there.  Taking time off to train may feel like wasted hours you could have spent on something more productive, but it will make your employees more effective.

Ease Of Use Always Helps

Something else you can do to help your employees is choose cameras and recording software that’s easy to understand and use.  A simple, intuitive interface will let your employees pick up all the camera’s functions in no time and make it easier to use during regular working hours.  Be sure to research the user interface online or speak with experts in Akron, OH like the ones who work at Sample Security.

Extra Functions Aren’t Always Extra Helpful

Because ease-of-use is so important, in some cases it may be a better idea to choose a surveillance system with functions you can use over a system with a dozen extra features that demand several hours of practice and training to understand.  Time is money in a business setting, and those extra functions might not be worth the time it takes to figure out how they work.  If you have a simple recording setup that a new employee can master after one day on the job, that’s worth more than a complex setup an employee won’t fully understand even after three months of experience.

Surveillance Mastery Offers Many Advantages

Understanding your surveillance system is important because of how much you can do with a few cameras.  Aside from loss prevention, a few cameras in the right spots can let you:

  • Locate problem areas and keep them under watch

  • Spot employees who slack on the job

  • Identify time sinks

  • Analyze customer behaviors and experiment with product layouts

  • Provide evidence for criminal cases and civil lawsuits

  • Remotely view your business from any location

  • Find potential hazards before anyone has an accident

A good surveillance system can reduce your expenses and boost your profits, but only if you and your employees know how to use it.  That means finding a system with a good user interface and taking the time to train your employees.  At Sample Security, we can both help you find the right system for your Akron, OH business and help you install it.